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Our Test Series 2023

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Subject Wise Weekly Test
GS Prelims Test Series – 2023
[MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME] Practise is crucial to success. Follow our strategy for impeccable success.
GS Mains Test Series – 2023
[MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME]Awesome Mentoring – From basic NCERT to Advance level program for UPSC.
Essay Test Series – 2023
[MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME]Learn ‘Micro skills,’ to deal it more effectively – Introduction, Sign-Posts & Original Thinking Capacity etc.

Upcoming Batches – Test Series for UPSC – 2023

Test Series Batch Date
Essay Test Series June 2023 & 17th June 2023 (Upcoming)
Prelims Test Series 3rd June 2023 (Current) & 17th June 2023 (Upcoming)
GS Mains Test Series June 2023 & 17th June 2023 (Upcoming)


Elite IAS Academy provides its students with flawlessly competent Mock Tests to equip them with all the skills required to successfully face the Civil Services Exam.

The Academy provides Prelims Test Series, apart from the Test Series for the Mains including the one for the Essays. Besides, the GS Mains Mock Tests are provided in both English and Hindi. And the Essay Test Series are offered both for English and Hindi medium students.

Elite IAS UPSC Mock Test enables your exam preparation for all the upcoming UPSC Examinations such as UPSC IAS (CSE). The UPSC test series are carefully designed after a thorough study of the syllabus, the exam pattern, and the latest question trend. Prepare with the best test series for UPSC Preliminary & Mains exam.

Best Test Series for UPSC (Prelims & Mains)

Each year, UPSC holds a number of competitive tests, giving you fantastic possibilities to advance your career.

Seize the chance to create a preparation strategy that is efficient and makes good use of the UPSC mock exam.

The UPSC Test Series is designed to help students complete their curriculum on time, revise thoroughly, prepare for the exam, and regularly assess their preparation.

The UPSC exam series also offers a trustworthy self-assessment tool to help you determine where you stand in the race and what you need to work on to improve your score.

After each UPSC mock test, evaluate your performance and make the necessary adjustments to improve your performance for the upcoming test.

Why it is Important to join Test Series For Civil Services Preparation?

The first and most difficult level of the UPSC examination procedure is the preliminary examination.

Only about 97 percent of the applicants are held back at this point. It is a test of your preparation and knowledge, but it is also a test of your ability to manage your time, be accurate, and stay focused.

Thus, finishing the syllabus and revising it are only a small portion of your preparation. Maintaining a frequent evaluation process for your preparation is another aspect that is as important.

Significance of Elite IAS Test Series

  • 1.Focus on self-assessment
    Solving the Test Series helps you assess your preparation for the Civil Services Exam. And, as a result, you can move on further, accordingly. As you solve the Test Series regularly, you would come across various drawbacks as well as strengths of the way you have been preparing for the IAS Exam. Thus, not only can you make an honest assessment of your preparation, but can also improve upon it as suitably required. Needless to say, you would find facing the CSE much easier than what it would have been otherwise, had you not solved the Test Series.
  • 2. Build Confidence
    Attempting the Test Series in the same time frame and the Examination environment as provided by UPSC for the Civil Services Exam helps enhance the confidence of the candidates. Thus, they do not panic or get unnerved when it comes to facing the Civil Services Exam. And nobody can deny that facing any Exam with a confidently relaxed frame of mind does help to answer logically leaving a positive impact on your scoring potential.
  • 3. Evaluation of the preparation:
    A professionally designed test series is invaluable at this stage. It encourages consistency and helps you pinpoint your areas of strength and weakness by setting you regular, time-bound subject targets.
  • 4. Analysis of Strength and Weakness:
    You receive a clear reflection of the section of the course on which you should concentrate more. Your wisdom and cunning in selecting the appropriate questions to attempt and the appropriate amount of questions to attempt matter because both Papers I & II have a negative marking scheme. Through the simulation a Test Series provides, you can succeed in this as well.
  • 5. CSAT Preparation:
    Due to the 33 percent qualification requirement, Paper II of the Prelims, or CSAT, is frequently underrated by students. However, this study also needs a reasonable amount of preparation given the developments of the last few years. A Test Series encourages you to exert the right amount of effort so that you breeze through it without any problems.

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